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Welcome to Perch Coffee


We truly care

about great coffee.

Perch is an independent speciality coffee shop based in Dublin. It is our mission to serve our customers the best cup of coffee on every visit – whether it's a pick-me-up on the way to work or a late afternoon comfort to wrap up a busy day.

Our team of experienced baristas are on hand to help you choose the best coffee beans to suit your taste as well as advice on brewing methods and equipment.

What we do

Behind the bar

We are proud to work with multiple roasters from Europe and to be able to serve you something special on every visit. Here's what we are brewing now.

House Roast


Bailies (Colombia)

Washed coffee. Expect sweet chocolatey fragrance and aromas of elderflower. This coffee has a pleasant citrus acidity with notes of Orange, Elderflower & Milk Chocolate. 

Guest Roast

Women's Crown

Sumo (Rwanda)

Washed Experimental coffee. Expect floral and herby notes of red berries, stone fruit, linden tea, sweet lime and orange. Cameral and honey sweetness. Very delicate and complex.

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Maciej Staroniewicz via Google Maps

"We are spoilt in Dublin with many very good coffee places, but there are only a few where baristas know exactly what they are doing, Perch is definitely one of those places where each cup receives the care and attention it deserves. Had a superb natural espresso there, always worth dropping in to see what 'guest roast' is on the menu."

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The Kiosk
46 Adelaide Rd, Saint Kevin's, Dublin, Ireland


Glenageary Dart Station, Station Rd, Glenageary, Dublin, Ireland

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